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eyeland ~ Vinyl


eyeland Vinyl includes ~>

~ 180 gram amber vinyl
~ wildflower seed-paper download card (bury, water, enjoy)
~ hand drawn eyeland map from eyeland travel and leisure bureau

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JUNE 17, 2016

eyeland is The Low Anthem’s 4th studio album. accredited band members have described the sounds herein variously as night noise, smatterings of murmur, moon shade, and a calliope of foliage on Autumn first. this psych-noir drama was developed over a four year hiatus period at the columbus theatre in Providence, RI, where the band self-recorded and produced the work, powered by the free energy around them, and their many sentient plant and animal friends.

  1. eyeland
  2. her little cosmos
  3. the pepsi moon
  4. ozzie
  5. neon seaweed
  6. behind the airport mirror
  7. in the early morning of the air hockey fire
  8. wzgddrmtnwdz
  9. am i the dream or, am i the dreamer
  10. dream killer
  11. in the circular ruins of euphio

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