Oh My God, Charlie Darwin ~ 1st ed. CD



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These OMG,CD CDs are original first edition (2000 copies). They were shoved in the attic when the band signed to Nonesuch Records in 2009 and OMG,CD was remastered and reissued. This is the original master with the original track order. The band painted the jackets with housepaint and silkscreened the text. Messy work. A box of 82 1st edition were discovered in a recent move and are exclusively available here and at the bar of The Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI.

  1.  Charlie Darwin
  2. To Ohio
  3. The Horizon Is A Beltway
  4. Home I’ll Never Be
  5. Ticket Taker
  6. To the Ghosts Who Write History Books
  7. (Don’t) Tremble
  8. Music Box
  9. Champion Angel
  10. Cage the Songbird
  11. OMGCD
  12. To Ohio (reprise)

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