Thanks to the NEW YORK TIMES T MAGAZINE for featuring the Columbus Theatre! As always, endless thanks and love to the Berberians, the volunteers, bands/musicians, friends and supporters. This place is special because it’s made of you.
“the ideal of a building to sing in.”
~ Bonnie Prince Billy
having musicians run a concert hall is “sort of like the inmates running the asylum. In a good way . . . ”
~ John C. Reilly
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luminescent foxes dance beneath gak green half moon

from sun to moon, a dream away, the oak and the axe. join us and our inimitable tour mates: Death Vessel and Last Good Tooth for four starry nights. cOOol!!! two weeks! we can’t wait to see you!


tears of rage, tears of grief, tonight’s show at Dirt Floor in Chester, CT has been POSTPONED in the interest of everyone’s travel safety. :..(.::..::.. ..

Columbus Revival 2013 Reviews – Huff Post, Vice, Paste, Line of Best Fit, et morus!


these reviews made us blush redder than a chameleon hiding in beet salad… thanks Jen Brown. thanks James, Noisey, Rob, Paste, LOBF! We’re thankful to everyone who took part and volunteered. one for the books.







Low Anthem Drone Crash

a helicopter was filming our set when it spun out of control and headed straight for jeff

!!!REVIVAL 2013!!!

Dear New Englanders,

This weekend the Columbus Theatre will host Revival 2013, a festival-style show to celebrate one year reopened. We are endlessly grateful to the crew of neighbors, friends, musicians, volunteers and music lovers who have made this first year possible. If there was ever a good time to come to Providence and witness the gorgeous / mysterious phoenix of a building that has become a space station for amazing music and creativity, this is the time! Profits from the show will go to the continued resoration of the building and toward the acquisition of a permanent state of the art sound system. 15 amazing bands. Yours truly, Low Anthem, take the stage at 9:30 and we will be handing out samplers of our new recordings. We can’t wait to see you!!!

peace and love,
~ The Low Anthem

Columbus Theatre
270 Broadway
Providence, RI
$25 advanced / $30 door
Port Barber Shop Stage kicks off at 5pm
Main doors open at 6:30pm
Music and fun til we see the sun



The Felice Brothers
The Low Anthem
Anais Mitchell
Roz and the Rice Cakes


Arc Iris (Jocie Adams)
Happiness (Members of Deer Tick and Ravi Shavi)

(presented by Port Leviathon Exchange)

The Rank Strangers
Haunt the House
The Imaginaries
Jonah Tolchin
Jackson Lynch
Dan Blakeslee
King Sickabilly


The Low Anthem has contributed an original song to a compilation inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novella “Tristessa.” To be released September 17th. Willy Mason, Alela Diane, Wintersleep, and more and more…

Hibernation / Recording Update

Hello, how are you? It has been suspiciously quiet around here. What’s going on!? We have missed you. After a year’s hiatus we are beginning our training once again, and there’s lots to share, including– news about a new record, upcoming live shows, Jocie’s new project, and more newy news!




Summer shows. Newport Folk Fest. We’ll be playing a revamped stripped down live set, and perhaps, if the moon is right the Moth-machine will fly!
7/20 ~ Brooklyn, NY – Celebrate Brooklyn! @ Prospect Park
              w/ Lone Bellow and Joe Purdy7/25 ~ Newport, RI – Columbus Theatre presents “Revival, Newport!” @ Newport Blues Cafe
              w/ Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons and Christopher Paul Stelling

7/26 ~ Newport, RI – Homegrown, Newport Folk Fest @ Fort Adams

Newport Homegrown will feature the finest in locally sourced sound, currated by The Low Anthem
              playing: Low Anthem, Last Good ToothVudu Sister, 
Roz Raskin and The Rice Cakes and Death Vessel

704172_10151426327744402_446001796_o -<br />
version 2.jpg
soundcheck at the Columbus Theatre 

What are they building in there? Strange weather from the lab. Lightning, shmoke, churning.. Um, did Jeff just cross the street in a white lab coat?
As you may know, we have spent the last year residing in the Columbus Theatre, a derelict operahouse, turned pornhouse, turned achingly beautiful crumbling, forgotten mess on Providence’s west end. It started out as a haunted playground of a place to set up our recording equipment for a new body of work (more on that in a minute!), and soon became that and more. With the help of our friends Bryan Minto, Tom Weyman and Lauren Faria we formed the Columbus Co-op and began the irresistible task of re-opening this dinosaur landmark. A year later, thanks to the outpouring of community spirit and hard work of many volunteers this idea has become a surreality. The theatre meets is on its feet again bringing loads of shows and films to Providence. If you have been a volunteer or an attendee or a spreader of the word, thank you and three cheers! If not, you should stop by. It is a dreamy place, and friendly…
Tom on ladder, does marquee moves… the Columbus glows
In addition to reopening the building for shows, we’ve also spent the last year working out a new recording process and building out a studio in the old acting and dancing school studios above the marquee. It’s the most dreamy place to work. Vaulted ceilings, an opera house for a reverb chamber, ghost projectionists roaming the halls, plate reverbs, spring reverbs, dead rooms, a 600 lb. “voice of the theatre” amp for movie sound, loads of dusty old tube gear, a wind powered silent-movie era wurlitzer organ with mechanical horse clops and church chimes. It’s become a lovely place to work hard and experiment and dream up stuff… which brings us to the point!

A new work is underway! We are recording a surrealist folk-noir schemescape fairytale of kidnapping and housefire, mothered by moths, curling from apothecary bottles of cut diamond to emerge: a museic installation mixing poetry, narrative, and psychedelic light. We’ve been taking sound-gathering trips to zoos, beaches, skateparks. We’ve been out to California with our butterfly nets. We’ve been shading ourselves to sleep under a starshine of semitones and scouring every tonal corner of the great theatre. All to gather its rich ingredients. We don’t know yet how it’s coming out, this bouncing body of a recording. But, as we reach summer solstice, we’ve been planning our sacrifices to the gods, prepping and scheming. A horde of umpaloompas waits eagerly in the boiler basement.

Oli does an ollie for Jeffs stereo field mice…this new one will be fun, folks.     mics, that would be mics*

Lastly, we bid farewell to our friend, and musical cohort Jocie Adams, who has started a new solo project called Arc Iris which is awesome. Check it out! She has made beautiful new recordings with lots of friends and love. Our warmest wishes go toward her muse and where it leads her. Perhaps she will join us for guestspots! She is a musical wonder, a dear friend and will be missed. Love to you, Joc.
Learn more about Jocie’s Arc Iris:
arc iris.jpg
Jocie’s shadow… she is 6’4″ when unfolded

That’s all for the moment, folks. We’ll be in touch and are so excited to get back on the road and share new sounds with you all! As ever, thanks and good cheer.

The Low Anthem

Revival Too!

Nov 17th at the Columbus Theatre is sold out.  Thanks to all who bought tickets!  For anyone who missed out, the Columbus is putting on a super-special night 2 in the upstairs room.  We’ll be playing along with Last Good Tooth, The Silks, Rachel Jorgensen and Sean Kennedy. Again, all profits will be split between ongoing theater restoration and ATRAVES (see the link for more details about the amazing work they do for education in Nicaragua).  Get your tickets here quickly as they are very limited.

Revival! Columbus Theatre Show


One year ago Jeff was eating a pizza on the corner of Broadway and America, gazing curiously across the street at the looming, shuttered bulk of the Columbus Theatre.  The clock tower read 1:00, and this was true (a twice daily coincidence). “OPENING SOON,” on the weathered Marquee, a tired and ironic staple of life on Broadway.

This theatre had seen everything, and embodied a century’s worth of American contradictions (note dubious anti-hero namesake). From the glorious heights of opera to the survivalism of it’s XXX film years, it has hosted everyone from Lightning Bolt to Julie Andrews. It has been the subject of endless first amendment law suits. It has been over the years lobbied, condemned, bent and bargained for like a cherished property of Monopoly America. Jeff’s pizza was getting cold. He nodded (warm but businesslike) to the crossing guard and went to see a cellphone about a man.

Brief profile of a man:


Jon S. Berberian — owner, opera singer, and defender of her life and majesty — has helmed the theatre since 1962. He and his family have fought tirelessly to protect the Columbus from the bulldozers circling. Endless devotion. Man of principle. Man of sense. Tenor.


A thing led to another thing and I can’t tell you what because I’d have to kill you, but let’s just say, The Columbus Theatre has become a rehearsal and recording home for we of The Low Anthem. It is a dream. We have set up shop in the 1930′s dance and acting school above the Broadway marquee. It is a magical place to work, replete with ghosts of bygone projectionists, world-class, double-proscenium acoustics, pop-corn machines, and enough ju-ju to drown a goo-goo.

Now, we are incredibly excited to announce— on Saturday, November 17th— the Columbus Theatre will reopen its doors for Revival! the grand opening benefit concert! A TON OF RAD LOCAL BANDS and PERSONS have come together, volunteering time and more to make this happen. We will play. The Moth-machine will fly.

Joining us will be: Brown Bird, Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes, Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Vudu Sister, Alec K Redfearn, and a mystery guest to be announced later for all the right reasons.  There will be 2 (or 3) stages. Julian’s double-decker food truck omnibus and Nice Slice pizza will be vending outside, and Revival Brewing will be supplying sweet juices. The kick-off show will be RIDICULOUS and may include charity hair-cuts by band-members. We invite you to be a part of the rebirth of Columbus Theatre! Half of the profits from the concert will go to the ongoing restoration, and half will be donated to a non-profit called Atraves.   Atraves is a Providence-Based Nonprofit Working for Education, Health, and Development in Nicaragua.

Tickets are $20, and limited in number.  There are also ticket + signed poster tickets available in even more limited number.  Get them here.


Doors at 6. We can’t wait to see you. Get your tickets now, be a part of this extraordinarium.



Jeff, Ben, Jocie, Tyler, Mike, Moth-machine
The Low Anthem
Jon S. Berberian


Check out this acoustic session shot in Calgary when the band was on tour with City and Colour.  Thanks Welcome to the West!

“In the Spirit of Woody Guthrie”

The band will play a special show curated by Justin Townes Earle and also featuring Joe Pug at Pace University’s Michael Shimmel Center for the Arts in NYC on October 27th.  The show will feature artists’ original songs in the context of the continuing legacy of Woody Guthrie in his centennial celebration year.  Tickets are available now here.



WGBH Boston Summer Arts Weekend

We will be playing a one-off special FREE show in Boston on July 28th!  More details here.

Matter of Time

Here is a video of “Matter of Time” from our friends at Live & Breathing.

The Moth Machine’s First Flight

Ben’s zoetrope (the Moth-machine) will be flown publicly for the first time on Thursday, May 3 in Jamestown, RI.  Like a wild stallion, this gorilla party-on-legs has been broken, leashed and given it’s shots.  It will be formally appearing as part of the Technocraft show at the Jamestown Arts Center.  The show features craft art that is based in tech…as the name suggests. A few band members will perform briefly. Luke Randall will be featuring many of his wonderful inventions.